Jameel - Silk Way (Bomba Records BRD017)
Exclusive on Trackitdown 7th May 2010


This single is a smooth-sailing and tranquil piece from Artur Yakupov, who is starting to make a buzz with his guise Jameel. With its subtle power riff melodies, the track sends a sedative rush through the listener's system. Moreover, Artur adds a touch of thick-sounding basslines that can simply make you close your eyes and rejuvenate.

Silk Way already supported by: Anton Sever, DJ Tartos, Mert Onat, Pure People, Bear Golightly (Di.fm), Pascal B, dj Dave Carden, Andrez, Dj Shuma.

Pascal B (Scotland, UK): "Nice smooth track. Will play this 2moro night.

Dj Dave Carden (UK): "Delectable piece of music . Nice and easy listening . Flows perfectly . Just fell in love with it ."

Owlik (RU): "massive basslines and positives melodic leads".

listen to full version at http://soundcloud.com/bombarecords
or www.myspace.com/bombarecordsofficial

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